New Retail Store Hours & Home Delivery

Our store is OPEN 7 - 4 DAILY! For in-store or curb-sde pick up, please call 617 924 0949.
For home delivery, please visit

For our AUSTRALIAN Bakery please click on the DOWN UNDER Tab below.

Ordering procedures:
all orders and cancellations must be placed with the office (never with a driver or night staff) between the hours of 7 am and 3 pm, at least two days prior to delivery.  for example, you would need to call by 3 pm on monday for wednesday delivery.  if it is necessary to make a change to an existing order, or if you forget to place your order, please call us no later than 9 am on the day before delivery.  croissants are the exception and must always be ordered three days in advance, due to the old-fashioned baking methods we use.  cancellations due to holidays, weather, or any other reason must be called in within the same time frame.

when setting up a new account, we first need to determine whether that new account can be fit into one of our existing delivery routes.  in order to maximize this possibility, we ask for a 2-hour delivery time window.
it is our preference to deliver the bread when someone is present to receive the delivery and sign the invoice. if this is not possible, we will explore alternatives that will work for both you and iggy's.  some customer provide us with a key to their store, so bread can be left safely inside.  others provide an outdoor locker, to keep the bread clean, safe, and dry.

upon delivery, the order should be checked and the invoice signed.  if it is not possible for someone to sign the invoice upon delivery, or if a mistake is detected after the invoice has been signed and the driver has left, please call as soon as possible, within 48 hours, so that we may try to correct the error. if no call is received within two days of the error, the invoice, signed or not, is considered a contact for payment.

we ask that you save your cargo bags and large boxes after each delivery, for pickup by our driver on the next delivery.  bags and boxes that are clean will be reused.  those that do not meet this standard will be picked up at the bakery by our recycling company to lessen the amount of garbage headed for the landfills.

iggy's payment terms are 7 days unless special arrangements have been approved by the office.  all payments that are due beyond 30 days will be subject to interest of 1.26per month.  in addition, you will be responsible for all legal and collection fees should your account fall into arrears.  all c.o.d. invoices must be signed and marked paid with the amount of cash or check rendered.  invoices that are turned into the office without being marked will be considered unpaid.

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