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Our store is OPEN 7 - 4 DAILY! For in-store or curb-sde pick up, please call 617 924 0949.
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our mission
the mission of iggy's bread of the world is to make breads of the highest quality and then deliver them daily to our customers with the highest standards of service and integrity.  our priority is to learn to work well together, and to create an environment that fosters communication and personal growth.  honesty, mutual respect, sharing and caring for the people and the planet are the values on which our business is based.

the bread
iggy's makes old-fashioned, naturally leavened, hearth-baked breads that are delivered fresh everyday.  we have developed a wide range of sourdough breads using specially designed european baking equipment that replicates the brick ovens and dough kneading equipment of days gone by.  we give the bread time to rise naturally: 9-16 hours.

we use the finest quality ingredients that we can obtain.  "finest" ingredients in this case is defined by products that have not been chemically treated in any way.  whenever possible it means organic produce, organic grains, and organic flour.  at the very least it means pure and natural ingredients ("as close to the tree as possible"). in this way, we can ensure the quality of the bread while supporting the growth of the organic products industry through our purchases.

the price
"bread of the world" means bread for all people.  we want everyone to be able to afford our breads.  we have four basic breads, which we keep at a very low price: country sourdough, whole wheat sourdough, francese, and seedless white rye.  our other products are as low priced as possible.  we want everyone to benefit from the bread's good taste and its nutritious and healthy effects.

the people who work at Iggy's
we are committed to providing a nurturing and respectful environment at our workplace that fosters cooperation, communication, and a sense of accomplishment for all employees.  we provide tools for growth through education, health benefits, and access to alternative medical treatments.  we provide leadership through department managers who are motivated, responsible, willing to listen, and willing to follow through.  we all work together as a team toward the goals set forth in our mission.

the community
we believe that the choices we make affect our community and our environment in direct or subtle ways.  we base our decisions in respect to that belief.  we work toward strengthening and unifying the community by raising awareness and encouraging active participation in issues that we hope can make a difference.  some of these are recycling, organic farming, clean water, education, community service, equal opportunity, and freedom.

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