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In 1991, igor ivanovic and ludmilla luft met in new york city at eli's bread, where they were both working to put themselves through school.  igor had come to new york from belgrade to study business administration.  ludmilla had come from montreal to study acting.

As they worked together at eli's, they saw the demand for quality breads increasing.  their love of bread grew into a dream of creating a bakery of their own.  finally, in 1992, their vision was realized when they opened pain d'avignon, in cooperation with three of igor's very close friends, in hyannis, massachusetts.

In spite of the bakery's immediate success, igor and ludmilla decided to sell their shares of pain d'avignon and create a new bakery based on their shared philosophy.  in january 1994, iggy's bread of the world was born.

In the early days, igor did all of the baking and ludmilla handled customer orders, sales, and deliveries.  family and friends were always coming to support them, especially igor's brother nikola.  it was during this time that ludmilla and igor met "uncle vartan" who continue to support the bakery to this day.

A lot has changed over the years at iggy's.  the ivanovic family has grown from two daughters at the beginnings of the bakery to four daughters at the 10-year anniversary.  iggy's opened our retail store in watertown on february 7, 1994 (alongside the wholesale business) and another retail location in marblehead in 1995.  in 1995 as well, iggy's started to bring bread to farmers' markets in and around the boston area.

In april 1999 iggy's purchased the old king arthur flour warehouse in cambridge and moved its headquarters, wholesale, and baking operations there.  iggy's has grown from 2 employees to over 100, including bakers, packers, drivers, cleaners, customer service representatives, administrators, and retail store staff.  iggy's wholesale customers range from local farmstands to restaurants, hotels, cafes, catering companies, and grocery stores.

In 2004, the changes and celebrations continue.  in january iggy's made the difficult decision to close its marblehead store.  in september of the same year, iggy's will be closing its watertown store and moving to a new space in our existing building in cambridge.  as iggy's celebrates its 10 year anniversary, with gratitude to the men and women who have given to iggy's with their hands and hearts, and to the customers who have encouraged and supported the bakery through the years and into the future.

After 10 years in business, iggy's looks forward to what the coming years may hold.  iggy's hopes to continue to improve, to be present, to be a part of the community, and to practice the values of its mission everyday. the essence of the philosophies and goals upon which this company was built will remain its foundation.

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