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205-4 Arlington Street
Watertown MA 02472

February 7, 1994-October 24, 2004

Watertown is where it all began for iggy's. We came to this small space in the winter of 1994 and began to build our dream here. Igor would mix, mold, and bake breads in the back, while ludmilla would visit potential customers and set up new accounts. The retail store opened in watertown on february 7, 1994. at the beginning, the store was just a rack with bread on it. The wholesale operation was working in the back, and customers often had to come into the back to find ludmilla to sell them the bread. It was more of an outlet, in the back of an alley, than a retail store. It was to everyone's surprise that enough people discovered us in that space, and that we would actually create a real retail store there with its own staff. We quickly outgrew the space we had, and had to turn away new wholesale accounts for fear we couldn't keep up. We grew as best we knew how, as best we could in the space that we had. We began to dream of owning our own larger facility.

We started looking for a possible place to relocate, when we came across the warehouse in cambridge. When we found this space, igor wanted to stop the search right away. We discovered that it had once been the home of the king arthur flour company, which made it feel magical. We liked the location. We liked the owner. So we decided to purchase the building, even though it was much larger and more extravagant than we had been looking for.

Since april 1999, the majority of our baking, and all of our wholesale business, has been operating out of cambridge. We decided to keep our retail store in watertown, in part for practical reasons, but also for sentimental ones: it was our birthplace.

In 2004, as we celebrated our 10th anniversary, we began to think of the direction that iggy's would take in its next ten years. Cambridge had become our home and the hub of our operation, so when a new opportunity to build a retail store in our cambridge space emerged, we decided to go for it.
With immeasurable respect and gratitude for our devoted watertown friends, neighbors, and customers, we closed the curtains on our time in watertown on october 24, 2004.  


15 Pleasant Street
Marblehead MA 01945

March 1995-January 31, 2004

In March of 1995, we opened a small storefront in the seaside community of marblehead, massachusetts. Tucked among quaint shops, restaurants, and cafes, and surrounded by the cozy atmosphere of a fishing town, iggy's found a real home on the north shore. We called the marblehead store our beach store/home.

For 8 years, we delivered our bread twice a day to the store in marblehead. Our staff developed warm relationships with the customers who frequented our shop. We truly felt ourselves welcomed as a part of the community.

As our 10th anniversary (of our inception in watertown in 1994) approached, we began to take a close look at all of our endeavors. As much as we loved our little store in marblehead, the twice daily deliveries were a strain on our drivers and on overall operations. We began to feel that our center had been spread too thin and too far away. And so we made the difficult decision to close our marblehead store.

 The response from our customers was heartfelt and overwhelming. And though we continue to deliver breads to other retail outlets in the marblehead area, we know that it will never be the same. We hold nothing but warm memories and sincere thankfulness for the people and community of marblehead.

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