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11/22/2016 Thanksgiving Day Hours

Our retail store in Cambridge will be open Thansgiving Day!

7 am - 1 pm

See you there!

12/31/2015 New Year's Day Hours

Our retail store in Cambridge is open on January 1st!!!

10 AM - 3 PM

See you then!



12/23/2015 Christmas Holiday Hours

Yes - we are open both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

December 24th  -  7:00 AM to 6:00 PM

December 25th  -  7:00 AM to 12:00 PM


11/19/2015 Thanksgiving Retail Store Hours

Hello everyone!

Yes, we are open Thanksgiving morning!

Our retail store hours for Thursday, November 26th, are 7 AM to 1 PM.

Happy Thanksgiving!


04/22/2015 Gift Cards!!!!

Just a quick note to let you know that after years and years of........ well, not trying hard enough to get them, Iggy's finally offers gift cards!

Just in time for................ spring!?  Yeah!

You know how it works - everyone loves them, so get one soon and celebrate sunshine with us!!!


12/06/2014 Stay warm!

Beekeepers made their last check of the year on our hives today and found that our bees are clustered together in the center of the box to keep warm. They added some winter feed on top of the frames, which is a small patty that consists of mostly sugar and a little bit of water. This will act as a food reserve in the unlikely event that they eat all their stored honey over the next few cold months. They also flipped the entrance reducer to the smallest opening so that they can keep their warmth in most efficiently and added a small wreath to the hive for decoration.  Our bees are sure to have a fun and warm holiday season ahead... we wish you the same!


08/07/2014 IGGY'S HONEY!

Inspired by a TED Talk video of professor Noah Wilson-Rich that Ludmilla found, in 2013 we contacted him to see how Iggy’s can help in his quest to keep bees and our environment healthier.  The result is in the jar!  First bottling of Iggy’s own Cambridge honey is here, from 12 strong hives which house well over a half a million bees, located right behind the trains, next to the bakery. 

These busy bees seem to be enjoying our neighborhood very much, pollenating and collecting nectar from flowers around Fresh Pond, Magnolia Park, Danehy Park and as far as Mount Auburn Cemetery and Menotomy Rocks! 

Bees are crucial to our eco-system and for our agriculture, so if you would like to help fight negative effects of colony collapse disorder by doing some urban beekeeping yourself, please contact Best Bees as soon as you can at! 

05/22/2014 Ancient Grains

We've been interested in ancient grains for a long time, and even made a delicious spelt bread almost ten years ago, but that effort didn't take.  Ancient varieties of wheat are delicious, nutritious, and are said to be agreeable with people who have a low tollerance for gluten, so we've decided to give them another try.

Stop by our store and taste what we've been making using khorasan (kamut), einkorn, red fife and other ancient grains... there is always one of them around!  We love these new breads and think you'll like them, too!


04/29/2014 HAPPY SPRING!

We know it doesn't feel quite like it's here yet, but we are well over a month into spring and craving all those delicious things that spring brings along!  So come by the store when you get a chance because our spring menu has started to slowly come alive:

- we got some awesome organic spinach from Flying Pond Farm in Maine, for our spinach/cherry tomato/goat cheese pizza!

- first ramps of the season are here, from Nectar Hills Farm in upstate NY, and we are all over them with our ramp pizza!

- yes, it comes from California, but we don't care... asparagus/smoked cheddar/goat cheese pizza and asparagus/feta sandwich are here!!!



04/29/2014 NEW WEBSITE

Hello all,

welcome to our new website!  The design has not changed much, but the back-end of it has, allowing us to update news and information about Iggy's and our breads in a much more timely fashion.

Listed at the bottom of the page are links to our Facebook and Twitter accounts, so you can follow us and get updates about our store, daily sandwich and pizza menus, etc..

Thank you for visiting us on-line and looking forward to seeing you next time!


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