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Olive rolls are puffy, light, and soft. The base is a yeasted dough, with a mixture of kalamata & green olives.  We like them plain, as an accompaniment to food, as their mild olive flavor intentionally does not interfere with the meal...

After years of tests, we have an olive loaf we love - an earthy blend of rye, whole wheat & wheat flour, which perfectly offsets the briny olives.


Olive Rolls: unbleached and unbromated wheat flour (wheat, malted barley flour), poolish (wheat flour, filtered water and fresh yeast), filtered water, Kalamata and Alfonso olives, wine vinegar, sea salt, fresh yeast, vitamin C.

Olive loaf: unbleached and unbromated wheat flour (wheat, malted barley flour), dark rye, organic whole wheat, natural sourdough starter, filtered water, kalamata, mt pelion blond & black, mt athos olives, wine vinegar & sea salt.

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