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Unbleached and unbromated wheat flour (wheat, malted barley flour),  filtered water, natural sourdough starter (wheat flour, filtered water), poolish (wheat flour, filtered water, yeast), unsalted butter (sweet cream), organic sugar, sea salt, fresh yeast, fresh organic eggs (for egg wash).

chocolate: semi-sweet valrhona dark french chocolate.

almond: almond paste [ground almonds, almond flour, evaporated organic cane juice, butter, pure almond extract, dark rum].

raisin almond: organic thompson raisins, almond paste (see above).

ham and cheese: niman ranch ham and italian provolone.

feta: french sheep's milk feta cheese, dehydrated organic onions.  topped with organic sesame seeds

For nutritional info please visit WHOLESALES section

It took us years to develop a croissant recipe that we were happy with, to create a light and airy, yet soft and melting crumb. Croissants are a labor-intensive delicacy, made with tons of fresh butter and, in our case, a combination of natural and yeasted starters.  The result is a flaky, crispy, golden, sweet, moist and delicate melt-in-your-mouth experience. Our filled croissants are made with ingredients of highest quality and we are proud of all of them!

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