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Our hearth-baked bagels come loaded with flavor and have a delicious chewy texture. When we were developing them, we had hoped to make bagels like those in montreal, but ended up with our own version altogether. People take bagels very personally, so we will not tell you these are the "real" thing - we just like them this way. A note to seed lovers - they are covered in them on top and bottom!

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Ingredients:Unbleached and unbromated wheat flour (wheat, malted barley flour), filtered water, poolish (wheat flour, filtered water, fresh yeast), sourdough starter (wheat flour, filtered water), organic sugar, sea salt, fresh yeast.sesame: topped with organic sesame seeds.poppy: topped with poppy seeds.multi-seed: topped with organic flax seeds, organic sesame seeds, poppy seeds, coarse sea salt.raisin: same as plain bagel, adding himalayan unsulphered golden raisins.onion: topped with organic dehydrated onion.garlic: topped with organic dehydrated garlic. 

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